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Ready for some fun? Let's learn more about taxes.
Heads up! This guide is intended for U.S. based sellers.
1040. 1099K. Self-employment tax. W2. What does it all mean? Find out in this guide written in plain English.
Learn about your sales tax liability and how you can save money on taxes at the register when purchasing items for resale.
Making money is a good thing, but no one wants to pay more taxes than they have to when profits go up. Learn about legal ways to lower your tax liabilities.
Tax laws are changing. Whereas payment platforms like Amazon, eBay, Square, and Stripe used to only send a scary tax form when you completed 200+ transactions for more than $20,000, that requirement has been reduced to just $600 for the 2022 tax year. Learn about how this can impact your small business.
Our lawyers want you to know: while we're pretty proud of our team here at CommerceNavigator, we aren't acting in an official capacity as your CPA or attorney. We provide general information for educational purposes, not specific or professional advice. Since every situation is unique, you may want to consult with the appropriate experts for accounting, legal, and business issues.