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GoDaddy Bookkeeping Alternative

With GoDaddy Bookkeeping being shuttered, CommerceNavigator is providing an alternative solution for online sellers.
GoDaddy Bookkeeping, one of the most popular bookkeeping solutions for online sellers on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Poshmark, and more, has removed the buy buttons for their software as of April 2022.
With GoDaddy Bookkeeping no longer an option for ecommerce sellers, many sellers are wondering where to turn next. Enter CommerceNavigator.
With the fall of GoDaddy Bookkeeping comes a new option providing more flexibility for online sellers. CommerceNavigator currently offers two plans aimed at helping online sellers manage their finances so that they can be prepared for tax time.

Level up with a Premium solution

As sellers continue to succeed on online marketplaces, CommerceNavigator’s Premium Plan will scale with them by automating bookkeeping processes and making tax time even easier. Premium features include easy to use features, including:
  • The ability to track income, expenses, and mileage transactions
  • AI-backed secure and seamless transaction importing from banking and credit card accounts
  • Advanced tax features to better manage tax categories and generate a Schedule C worksheet to make tax season a breeze
  • Business reports for spending, top vendors, and an annual summary
  • Enhanced access to our Discord community, including 1-on-1 business consultations

Organize your business, stay on track

CommerceNavigator is inspired by the hustle of small business owners. Our founding team is comprised of entrepreneurs, innovators, and online sellers who have scraped by to build business empires. Now, they’re ready to empower you to do the same. That’s why our subscription options are month-to-month, budget focused, and catch free. We hope you’ll join us as we change commerce for good.