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Enter Income and Expenses

Here's how to enter income, expenses, and mileage into CommerceNavigator for Starter and Premium users.
Bookkeeping is a huge challenge for most eCommerce sellers, especially first-timers. It’s important to have clean financial records to make tax filing easier and ensure you know when you’re making profits or not. CommerceNavigator provides the tools you need to navigate the eCommerce world easily.
If you’re a new user and you're stumped, this quick guide will help you enter income and expenses from your dashboard. We will also cover how premium users can link their bank accounts to automate transaction importing.

How to Enter Business Transactions on CommerceNavigator

You can enter business transactions manually (Starter) or automatically (Premium) on CommerceNavigator. As a Starter user, you can add new transactions via the shortcuts on the Quick Overview page or the Income and Expense pages on the left tab.
Commerce Navigator Overview Page

How to Add Income

Step 1: To add a new income via the shortcut features, click Add Income on the Quick Overview page.
Step 2: Enter the name of the transaction, description, category, and amount.
Step 3: Click Save and your income will be added
To add a new expense or mileage, click on the respective buttons and enter the transaction details or trip.
You can also add a new income or expense via the options on the left tab.
Using the Income or Expenses pages lets you see the transactions you add immediately and categorize, edit, and delete them. Overall, you have more options to manage your income and expenses from these pages.

To add a new income transaction:

Step 1: Click on the Income option on the left.
Step 2: Click Add New Transaction on the income page to enter the income details.
Step 3: Then click save to continue. You can edit, filter, categorize, and delete transactions from here.

To add new expenses or mileage:

Step 1: Click on the Expenses option on the left.
Step 2: Select the Add New Transaction button at the top of the page to add a new expense or Mileage.
Clicking the latter will take you to the Mileage page, where you can add a new trip.
Step 3: Enter the relevant details on the Expenses or Mileage pages and click Save to continue.
CommerceNavigator allows Premium users to link their bank accounts, so their income, expenses, and other relevant business transactions will be automatically imported.
Here’s how to do it.
If you're a Premium Plan subscriber, you can link your bank account(s) to your dashboard. Once your bank account is linked, you no longer have to log transactions manually. The CommerceNavigator AI will automate transaction importing and even sort each one into the right category.
Here’s how to link your bank account to CommerceNavigator:
Step 1: Navigate to the Manage option on the left tab of your dashboard.
Step 2: Click the Add An Account button on the top right corner of the screen, which will bring up the Plaid interface to connect your account.
Plaid is a third-party service that connects over 12,000 financial institutions across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. With Plaid, CommerceNavigator can only access your transaction data and DOES NOT have access to your bank account credentials or any sensitive information.
Step 3: Click Continue to agree with the terms and select your bank.
Step 4: Log in to your bank and complete the 2-factor authentication. You’ll get a success message confirming your account has been successfully linked to CommerceNavigator. This will take you back to the CommerceNavigator dashboard.
Step 5: After a couple of minutes, you'll find the accounts, such as credit cards and checking accounts, connected to the bank account. You can choose to keep them, but we recommend that you delete those that are not business-related. This ensures that transactions on these accounts aren’t updated on CommerceNavigator.
Step 6: Go to the Income and Expense fields on the left tab to access your transaction data on the linked account. You may need to wait a few minutes for all transactions to appear.
Congratulations! You have linked your bank accounts to CommerceNavigator. Your income and expenses will already be sorted into categories. You can edit or delete any transactions you don’t want or want to change the classification.