🚗Tracking Mileage for eCommerce Sellers

Tracking mileage qualifies you for tax deductions and helps you separate business and personal finances. CommerceNavigator’s mileage tracker helps you to stay on top of your business miles.

Tracking mileage helps eCommerce sellers to track business and mileage efficiently. This is important when separating business and personal expenses and applying for tax deductions.

Many small business owners will need to be on the road at one point in their selling journey. For example, it could be to deliver a product, drop a package off at the post office, or pick up a new shipment. Sometimes, your business model involves driving, such as taxi service and trucking. If your small side hustle requires you to make trips, you must track miles.

As an all-in-one expense management tool, CommerceNavigator allows you to log mileage for every trip you take. The intuitive dashboard categorizes your trips and provides a birds-eye view of the total miles driven, income, and expenditure.

Why Tracking Mileage Is Important for eCommerce Sellers

Here is why you should track business mileage:

Tax Deductions: Every money you save counts, especially when it comes to the tax bill. The IRS lets you deduct some of the costs of using a personal vehicle for your business. Just like writing off the cost of business expenses like marketing, you can also deduct business mileage.

Improved Financial Records: If you don’t have an organized way of tracking mileage, there will be plenty of lost miles. Logging the miles after each business trip helps you track your driving expenses and support your business records. As a small business owner, you’ll take advantage of opportunities to save money, such as gas, insurance, and vehicle depreciation.

Saves Money: A mileage log maker provides statistics on how far you drive, which can help you save gas with better planning techniques.

Enter CommerceNavigator

It’s easy to fudge the numbers using pen and paper to track mileage. You may also lose the paper, and it becomes hard to remember.

Tracking your business mileage with the same tool you use for all your business’ accounting keeps all income and expenses in one place. This gives you clean financial records during the tax season, when seeking a loan or investment, and when calculating your profit.

CommerceNavigator simplifies bookkeeping by providing a complete overview of all business and personal finances. Learn how it works here.

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