Getting Started

Ready to get stated with CommerceNavigator's Premium Plan? We're excited to have you onboard.

CommerceNavigator's Premium Plan helps you to manage your online business with super simple bookkeeping, automatic bank sync, AI-powered transaction categorization, business and tax reports, and access to our Discord community.

The Basics

Watch as our founder Jude offers a quick video overview of our product:

Simple Starting Steps

  • Go to the manage page of the Dashboard

  • Add your bank and credit card accounts via Plaid using the "Add an Account" button, then wait a few minutes for your transactions update

  • Your transactions will now be reflected on the "Income" and "Expense" pages and in your business reports

  • Add some mileage trips on the "Overview" page to track business trips and increase deductions

  • Sign up for our Discord server for support and community

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