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Our Discord server is home to a community of online sellers ranging in experience from beginner to expert. Let's figure out how to make the most of the server!

Good to know: Discord is completely free to use. Sign up for a free account or sign in with your existing account to join our community.

Get Started

Itโ€™s easy to get started! Click here to join our Discord community. You can sign up with your existing Discord account or create a new one.

Once youโ€™ve joined the server using the link above and gotten signed up for a plan on the Dashboard, youโ€™re ready to receive a Discord role.

  • Premium Plan members enjoy enhanced access to our Discord server. In the โ€œwelcomeโ€ channel, choose the Premium Plan role. Next, youโ€™ll be prompted to upload proof of your Premium subscription before gaining access to enhanced features. One of our staff members will personally welcome you to the group.

Once you have your role, itโ€™s time to explore! Keep reading to learn what each role includes.


Where things are elevated to the next level. The Premium role includes all of the Starter features plus a whole lot more, including:

  • 3x the discussion channels. Go beyond the basics. Our Premium discussion channels inspire discussions that will help your business to boom, including:

    • Sourcing

    • Shipping

    • Software

    • Marketing

    • Finance and Tax

    • Discounts

    • Fraud

  • Kick start your business with a 1-on-1 consultation and enhanced support access. As a Premium member, you can book consultations for individual business attention, access our priority support channel, and get questions answered about ecommerce from our knowledgeable staff 24/7.

  • Attend live events about all things ecommerce. Premium members enjoy access to our Dedicated Forum channel, where experts present about ecommerce and hold Q&As via a voice chat.

  • Enhanced announcements. Stay up to date with the latest ecommerce industry news and deals with our Premium Announcements and Member Announcements channels.

  • Exclusive discounts and giveaways. Premium members save big on services from our partners and receive access to our premium giveaways.

  • Chat in style. Access to our Premium only hang out in the Speakeasy channel, as well as access to our Water Cooler, Success, and Self Promotion channels.

  • Promote your business. Our self promotion channel is a place for Premium members to promote their services to any CommerceNavigator member.

  • Sell (or buy) digital goods on our member marketplace. We even offer free middleman services to make it easy to buy or sell to fellow Premium members.

Founders' Circle

Founders' Circle is our most exclusive role that offers an array of always expanding perks, including:

  • Early product testing access

  • The Inner Circle chat channel

  • Free or discounted subscription access

  • Direct support

The Founders' Circle role is only available to invited members at this time.

Weโ€™ll see you on Discord! No matter your role, weโ€™re confident youโ€™ll enjoy the community helping you to navigate the world of commerce!

Join our Discord community!

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